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What are Directories?

Online directories are just like a phone book, except online. They are a database that connects thousands of businesses, and all of its information, to a user. The major difference between an online directory and a printed phone book (from yesteryear), is that in an online directory, you need to register your business. Each business owner is responsible for listing their business in all of the online directories that pertain to their business. It’s very important for you to be connected in these online databases if you want to keep your business growing and reach new clientele.

Online business directories can be presented in a few different formats. They can be an app, a website, a social media platform, and search engines. One of the most commonly used type of directories today are ones that are linked to a navigational program. An app like Google Maps can provide insight for users looking for a business closest to their home. The typical user is searching for a business in a particular area – most likely near their home, work, or possibly near a destination they will travel to in the future. Whether your business is in a physical location or not, it should still be listed on local map directories like Google Maps.


Different Types of Directories

There are hundreds of different directories – some directories are more important than others. Depending on what industry your business is in, there can be a whole separate world of ranking online directories. For example, contractors have the generic directories like Yelp, but they also have the more specific directories like HomeStars and Angie’s List that are specific for residential/commercial contractors.

Each directory has different specifications and categories for businesses to be listed on it. You or your business manager will have to input your company’s information into their database. This might include your office number, location, services offered, photos, hours of operation, and any other relevant information.


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