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Travelers who use hotel booking search engines can be divided into meticulous planners and spontaneous planners. Some people book hotel rooms in advance and others book at the last minute. Your app should cater to one or both of these user segments.

Some people plan stays carefully and reserve accommodation a month or a year ahead. They look online for information on hotels, read reviews, and view photos. Hotel owners target this segment of users and want to know how to create a hotel booking website for them. Hoteliers see an app as a form of advertisement. Expedia, a famous hotel booking engine and travel companion, and Priceline cater to users who plan in advance.

Last-minute booking applications such as HotelTonight, HotelQuickly, and Hipmunk help people reserve accommodation the same day or week and sometimes with no grace period. People may need to find a last-minute room due to cancellations, changed plans, or layovers. Hoteliers can offer their unsold inventory at a great discount via a last minute hotel booking app. There’s no catch, just a win-win situation.

You can also consider blending the two concepts of in-advance and last-minute bookings. For example, Hotel Tonight started as a last-minute booking application that allowed users to reserve a room seven days before arrival.


To build an online hotel booking app, you should first decide on your business model.

There are four main models:

  1. merchant
  2. Aggregator
  3. Advertising
  4. Dedicated.



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